7 Convincing Reasons a Notecard System beats Digital To-Do lists

Anyone who has seen me around the hospital knows that in general, I will always have 2 things with me. A pen to write with and my trusty set of notecards. I don’t think that I have been anywhere without them for the past 5 years. As someone who is “techy” enough to create a… Continue reading 7 Convincing Reasons a Notecard System beats Digital To-Do lists

Personal Development 101

I am a personal development enthusiast. Ever since I can remember I have been looking for a better way to do everything. Our almost unlimited potential for personal growth is one of the reasons I am excited to get up and get after it every morning. I included this page because, in my experience, many… Continue reading Personal Development 101

Safe Central Line Placement – Every Time

Photo by Olga Kononenko on Unsplash

If you have received any education on healthcare quality and safety recently, you have likely heard the phrase: high reliability. High reliability is one of my goals as I work to make our hospitals safer. A key part of high reliability at any hospital is having a safe central line placement. Every single time and… Continue reading Safe Central Line Placement – Every Time

The Antifragile Hospital

Photo by Tim Cooper on Unsplash

As a patient safety expert, I find myself persuading my colleagues in operations to consider a different tack. It’s not that I don’t like lean operations. I detest waste and hate rework. The problem is the obsession with efficiency at all costs overlooks the purpose of the hospital. The modern hospital needs to become antifragile.… Continue reading The Antifragile Hospital

7 Driver Diagram Templates

Driver diagrams are widely used for performance improvement. They are a visual display of a team’s theory of which factors “drive,” or contribute to, the achievement of a project aim. This visual display of a team’s shared view is used to communicate this vision to a range of stakeholders where a team is testing and… Continue reading 7 Driver Diagram Templates