Patient Safety Experts is the 5th blog that I have started. When I find an interest that parallels what I am working on in life, I write about it to clarify my thoughts. For that purpose those blogs have served me well. I get to explore my own innate interests without a worry of what the world wants.

Of those 5 blogs, Patient Safety Experts is the only one that relates to what I do each day. The other four blogs have failed to gain traction as the lack of day-to-day repetition made them more of a hobby than a professional focus. For Patient Safety Experts, this shouldn’t be a problem. There are new challenges and opportunities to write about every day as we work to make healthcare safer for everyone.

As my career as an anesthesiologist has progressed, my interest in patient safety has continued to grow. Early in my career, I was unaware of all the patient safety gaps around me. Now, I am acutely aware of the challenges we face in building a culture of safety in our hospitals, surgery centers, and clinics.

Today, I am far from what I would consider a true patient safety expert. There are tools and techniques I know well but so many more that I still need to learn. By sharing what I know, learn and organize, I hope to make this site a resource for others working to make our hospitals a safer place.

Welcome to Patient Safety Experts